Sunday, March 8, 2015

A story behind that CORVETTE STINGRAY

I just want to share with you this very inspirational short story from one of our latest car achiever in Dubai UAE...
He is Mr. Rene Capua

sa UNO ang mga pangarap posible...
ito po ang negosyo para sa mga taong gusto ng pagbabago...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Aitthipat Kulapongvanich (26 yrs.old Billionaire)

Top Ittipat, a young Thai man who was once an online-game addict, is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Director Songyos Sugmakanan recently helmed a semi-fictional biopic of the rags to riches story with "The Billionaire", a story on Ittipat's extraordinary journey and transformation from a zero to hero. Cinema Online managed to catch the real-life success story as he spills on his self-depiction in the movie and his tips on being where he is now.
Cinema Online interview with Top Ittipat conducted via email recently. Q: How similar are you with Pachara Chirathivat's character in "The Billionaire"? Were you really that headstrong and confident as seen through your character in the movie? 
Ittipat: I'm a little bit different from Pachara's character in the movie. In the movie, of course they need to make the character stronger than reality, but one thing that both of us have in common is we both have high ambition in our lives.

Q: What is your impression of "The Billionaire"? Would you say that it is an accurate description of your success and are you happy with the final product? 
Ittipat: About 80% in the movie is true. I'm very satisfied for the overall of the final cut. At least, the story in the movie shows lots of obstructions and I never surrender. You can be weak, but never surrender in order to keep the game going. This movie could become a great source of inspiration for the new entrepreneurs.

Q: At 26, you are already a Billionaire, what else is there to look forward to when you already have it all at such a young age? Are there any more hidden dreams you may want to pursue? 
Ittipat: Yes, there are two things I am looking forward to do next. First, I want to make my brand Taokaenoi as a worldwide brand like McDonald's or Lays, which you can find anywhere in the world. Secondly, at the moment in Taokaenoi, I need to take care of 2,000 employees and their family members. So we are trying to make Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Co. Ltd. to be a public company soon (perhaps within this year), so that all Taokaenoi staff will get a better life and be more stable in terms of their careers.

Q: Of all the snacks there is, why Seaweed? 
Ittipat: As my first business was the Roasted Chestnut shop which was located in shopping malls such as Tesco, Carrefour and more, I had over 30 branches which brought in sales of 3 million baht a month. One day Tesco's management (where over 25 of our branches were located) didn't allow us to have the roasting machine at our booths because its smoke carried the smell over the mall and dirtied the store's ceiling. As no cooking activity was allowed, then the sales of the chestnut dropped vastly by 50 per cent. To make up for it I then tried selling dried fruit as well as seaweed. After a few months, the seaweed became the best-selling product of the booth and it took over the Chestnut sales. Once I saw the potential with that, I produced more of it with 6 employees working at the kitchen in my house.

Q: Apart from "The Billionaire" of course, what are some of your favourite movies?
Ittipat: "Transformers"! In the movie, the robots could not keep themselves as robotic aliens all the time, they had to transform into vehicles on the street. In my real life, during work, I have to be the CEO of Taokaenoi, at home, I have to be a kid for my parents, during a party, I have to be the friendly, talkative guy among friends. I have to transform myself depending to the circumstances.

Q: For a young and good-looking Billionaire such as yourself, we are sure you have all the luck with the ladies. Are you currently single? For the hopefuls out there, what are the things you look for in your 'dream girl'?
Ittipat: Actually I'm already married for eight years. I really love my wife. She is very kind, supportive and beautiful. I take good care of her and I always make sure that I will spend lots of my time with her. My companion must be able to accept my workaholic attitude. I also prefer a girl who looks like my mother. She is very kind, very supportive, and very bountiful.

Q: Would you like to give some advice to those who wish to make it big like what you did?
Ittipat: My tips for success are that based on four points which is Love, Giving, Sacrifice and Happiness. If you love what you do, you will automatically have a success rate of 50 per cent. That 50 per cent will help you deal with things that you don't love such as accounting, marketing and human resource. The second is that you need to be Giving, especially when it comes to money and time. Sacrifice comes next, you need to lose something before getting something. When you're first starting out, you would be just like a small fish in a big ocean and many will try to take advantage, but you have to be smart. When I first approached 7-11 to carry Taokaenoi, they asked for 40 per cent for their GP & Listing fee. If I had refused to loose sacrifice that day, there will be no Taokaenoi today. Lastly, you need to be happy with what you have. If you get rich and successful but are not happy then whatever you do will be meaningless. For over eight years, I wake up in the morning and go to work with high passion. I know I am happy with my job.


Thursday, October 2, 2014


DAGUPAN CITY, August 15 (PIA) – Confused about networking and pyramiding? One is legitimate while the other is a scam.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has come out with an advisory that distinguished network marketing, a legitimate marketing approach, from pyramiding, an illegal recruitment technique designed to dupe and divest people of their hard-earned money.

Director Peter Mangabat of DTI-Pangasinan said networking is designed to generate business volume and income, while pyramiding is an illegal recruitment racket designed to con people.

He said compensation for members of network marketing force comes from the profit generated by the business of the organization.

"In pyramiding, earnings of participants do not come from the business profit. It is derived from the cash collection from the other subsequent participants," he said.

Mangabat said that a participant under the networking scheme generates earnings for himself by performing any or all of the following tasks: (a) as a direct marketer of product and services; (b) as a supervisor of the people directly recruited by him; and (c) as a marketing manager of his entire network of marketing people from the first level up to the last.

For pyramiding, the task is focused mainly on the recruitment of new participants by recruiters who can earn solely from the money invested by their recruits, he said.

Mangabat disclosed that networking marketing is based on an equitable business system where earnings are based on hard work, commitment and dedication.

“A person who registers ahead may be surpassed in terms of earnings by his recruit if the latter exerts more effort than he does,” he said.

In pyramid venture, the basis of earnings is by chance or luck.

“If you get into the venture first, you have a greater chance of earning more. Individual effort and performance is completely disregarded,” said Mangabat.


Friday, September 26, 2014

UNO Premier at Philippine Star

UNO is truly unstoppable! As a prelude to the much awaited launch of UNO Premier, The Philippine Star was featured in its issue last Monday, September 22, 2014 at the Lifestyle Section in the Business Life page H-03, a major announcement on the newest high end global brand of UNO Int'l Corp. Only from the Philippines' most trusted and undisputed MLM leader – Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

UNO Premier to be launched in October

MANILA, Philippines - After lording it over the network marketing industry for seven years, Unlimited Network of Opportunities Intl., popularly known as UNO Intl., will try to break new ground again by launching its newest high-end brand UNO Premier on Oct. 11.

UNO Premier seeks to target the elite, high-end AB market, which has not been tapped before by any multi-level marketing (MLM) company. The event will be held in Enderun Colleges, a global institution situated in The Fort, Taguig City. 

UNO president William Barbo said this is proof that their marketing system is a successful business endeavor that created hundreds of millionaire entrepreneurs in the span of seven years and has more than 500,000 members worldwide. “We will try to duplicate this proven method for entrepreneurial success but this time we are targeting the AB market, which has the capacity to invest in a more premium product with a higher yield,” he said. 

UNO Premier will launch in the same event another surprise wellness product, which will be offered only to their exclusive members. The UNO Premier office will be situated in the high-end district of The Fort, Taguig City. For his part, Oliver Chua, another UNO board member, said this would show to the world how their organization has grown into a global business and recognized multinational company. “We are the only ISO-certified network marketing company in the country. And we are proud of this since an ISO certification is only granted to companies who have complied with international standards of operation and excellence,” he beamed. 

UNO Premier boasts a very simple but effective system where an investor doesn’t need to fill in numerous slots just to earn, unlike other networking companies. “Instead he can pace his own time and effort for the business by selling our high-quality products,” explained Herbie Chua, another UNO board member. “This is a very good strategy since most of the members of this elite club are mostly businessmen and influential people who are also into many endeavors,” he adds. 

The top management carefully studied the big MLM companies for many years before they came up with UNO Premier. Barbo said they initially offered the business abroad by opening UNO International branches. They liked the results, especially when top leaders and earners of other MLM companies started to join them. “We proved to ourselves that a business like this that conquered the international market will be very viable in our country. 

The AB market has never been tapped by any MLM company in the Philippines.” Initially, the investment packages start with the Premier, Premier Elite and Global Premier, with Global being the highest. UNO is known for its high-quality, wide-ranging health and wellness products, cosmetics, food supplements and accessories. 

Popular celebrities who believe in the entrepreneurship advocacy of UNO include boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, who was an official endorser, and Senator Benigno “Bam” Aquino, who graced one of UNO’s sales rallies and gave an inspiring speech. Aquino himself is a believer in empowering people through entrepreneurship to achieve their dreams, an ideal that UNO shares. He even considers entrepreneurs the “bagong bayani.” “We believe that there is heroism in entrepreneurship,” he said, explaining that exerting time and effort, and using one’s skills and talents in being entrepreneurial for the sake of their families, is indeed heroic. “These are the heroes we need to support and celebrate in order to encourage more to do the same,” he added. The company was launched in April 2007 and now has more than 500,000 distributors all over the world, with centers in Hong Kong, Macau and China. It’s produced hundreds of millionaire entrepreneurs within its seven years of existence. It has won numerous awards and citations from different award-giving bodies. 


For more details on how to be a member of UNO, 
visit: or call hotline numbers at 09182913710